(Adopted Oct. 10/04)
*passed away July/18*

Hi my name is Juno, I am just a lil baby girl, barely 8 months old, I am a darling Westie Mix...here is my short story.  In August /04 Furbaby was called to take me from the shelter, they wanted me to not be afraid anymore, and find my perfect forever home, I was so scared in the shelter

This wonderful shelter, released me, after they spayed me, I went home to my foster home, but in the first day, something was wrong, I was coughing and feeling yucky, but our foster homes have seen so many cases of kennel cough, Foster Mom thought just another bout of this..so I was treated for kennel cough, but I just kept getting sicker, immediately  I was taken to my Foster Mom's vet and it was discovered that when I was spayed, my lung was aspirated (damaged and filled with fluid)....and I was so sick, Dr. Erickson  of Kulshan Vet. Hospital, was not sure if I would make it, my chances of dying was very high, but with his expertise, knowledge ,round the clock treatment...and one week of critical care, I am now home...I am coughing a bit, but I walked back into my foster home, found the nearest hoof to chew on, ate ravenously, played with the cute lil toy fox terrier, and darn it all folks, I am not ready to leave this world...
September 10th/04 I will go back and have my lungs x-rayed again, and my bloodwork retested to see if they need to change anything...but I am on the road to recovery.

I need your help, my illness or rather medical mistake, has cost hundreds of dollars...yes I am worth every penny, but if you could help Furbaby, their appreciation is great...remember there are so many babies in need, and each dollar helps us, because right behind me, will be another...

Sept. 12/04, Juno was x-rayed again, along with bloodwork. Happy to report, finally can see a great improvement in her lungs, her tests still showed high white blood count, but had come down considerably...she will continue on two types of antibiotics, and be x-rayed and retested in one month, beginning of October, to ensure she is continuing to do well...

Oct. 7/04, Juno was re xrayed and bloodwork tested again...her lungs are beautifully clear, she is 100% healthy...God was on her side, she survived, where her chances in the beginning were very slim...she will go on, to live a long life, and should not have any lasting effects from her tragedy....

Juno is such a high spirited girl, I along with my husband have fallen in love, now that she is feeling better, she is a mischievous imp, throwing food bowls when they are empty, running through the house at top speed, bow playing with any dog that will listen, chewing on toys, pulling stuffing out of some...she is an absolute hoot, she needs a home that can entertain her, or have another dog, who loves to romp and play...this girl is all terrier, with the spirit, love and devotion this breed can show you.. she is a treasure...

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Furbaby Rescue
9718 Allan St.,
Blaine, WA

Kulshan Vet. Hospital
8880 Benson Rd.
Lynden, WA 
"Rescue Dog Account 3325560A"

Thanks to the following people that have opened their hearts to help Juno's mounting bills:

Cherle Blehm & Cody Joe in memory of Chi Chi her beloved Shih Tzu, Mercer Island, WA
Billie Marquiss & Ginny, Ellensburg, WA
John & Eileen Ratchford & Miko, Port Townsend, WA
S. Austin, Fort Mohave, Arizona
Arlene Harper, Everett, WA
Terry Preston, Bellingham, WA..also her precious doxies Danny, Kiwi and Gracie (and I would like to say a personal thanks to Terry, who is now a foster home for Furbaby)
Beverly Griebel, Ocean Shores, WA
Tammy Bassett & Munsin, Spokane, WA

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