Raffle to help Julia

(Adopted May 5/08)
Toy Fox Terrier
2 years old
6 lbs

Surgery Day: April 16/08
The one word my vet uttered was OUCH.
Julia's  left leg was simple, went exactly as they had anticipated.  Her right leg was something else.  Since Julia was born this way, she had compensated in her walk.  The right knee actually had made "other grooves" in her leg for her knee.  The vets had to manipulate the leg almost 90 degrees to set the knee where it should be.  This leg will be extremely painful.  Since Julia is such a spirited girl, this is in her favor, as she will literally have to learn to rewalk.  We are hopeful for full recovery on this leg.

April 17/08

Yes her legs are swollen, for the next few days, Julia will determine when she starts walking, and when she does, no more then sauntering around, so we shall see when she starts to try this.
She is on antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory and pain meds.

April 18/08
Julia is already walking, the foster Mom is allowing her to walk just when she has to go potty, but carries her the rest of the time:-)  she was not happy about being crated at night, but she needs to be kept quiet also.  The swelling in her legs had gone down significantly.

April 25/08
Julia is doing so well, walking, and now bouncing on her legs, seeing her now bending those knees, her gait is getting better.  Her recheck is Wed. April 30...so hoping for good news.

May 5/08
Julia had her recheck on April 30/08, the surgery has gone well.  The hope is she will eventually turn her legs out, and walk more normal, time will tell on this.  Now she is able to do as she wants.  Julia was adopted today (May 5) and we hope to hear updates on this special girl.  Thank you everyone

Update from new Family:

We are doing great! Little Julia is getting around really well and seems to be recovering at light speed. She still limps around sometimes and does not seem too interested in food but I suppose that is understandable with all the changes and the big surgery- she is eating and getting around and seems to be getting a little more of her playful attitude back each day and is walking pretty well- and not bowing her legs at all- it looks like the surgery was successful in altering her walking so far.

She intimidates my family's big labradoodle, Delaney (all five pounds of her to the 50 of Delaney!) but other than Delaney- everyone just loves her- no one as much as me! I took a bunch of pictures but have not yet downloaded them yet. As soon as I do I will send some your way!

She loves her wonderful presents you sent with her and snuggles with that blanket often. I got her a puppy playpen for the daytime while I am away at work and she seems to really like it- she also has a snazzy little fleece coat for the outdoors- and she seems to like that as well (much to my delight). I am really looking forward to the day she feels well enough to really play with toys and go to dog school- for now I am content snuggling of course and just spending quality down time together.

Thank you again for all you have done for her and for entrusting her to me! I love her so much and am thrilled to have her!

This beautiful girl is SO cuddly and lovely...her sweetness shines thru.  She was a stray brought into the shelter but this little girls needs some special help.

You see Julia has bilateral luxating patella's... the worst we have ever seen. Basically this mean her knee caps pop out, and for her, they often stay out!  Its a genetic disorder. She will require major surgery.  Furbaby Rescue will pay for the entire procedure (yes.. now that you ask, we are asking for donations)  After the surgery she is expected to make a full recovery.  She may develop some arthritis in her knees as a senior dog, but once recovered she should be a normal dog.

As for her personality, she is an amazing, loving, playful lil girl and her foster parents absolutely adore her.  Even though her legs are so bad, she still wants to run and play with her resident doggie sister.

This will be one of the most extensive knee surgeries.  Her legs are so bad, we are surprised she can even walk.  Our vet  has extensive knowledge and experience with orthopedics and will be doing the surgery, assisted by another vet.

Unfortunately because of the two vets scheduling, it appears her surgery will be in April.  In the meantime, we are having a raffle to help pay for her surgery.
Surgery is now scheduled for April 16/08

Also we are taking applications, if interested in giving this girl a "forever home" when she is recovered from surgery, so please  email  for possible adoption.

We are having 1 raffle but 4 winners, so with each ticket you have 4 chances to win and help darling Julia:
1 ticket: $5.00 or 5 tickets for $20

Raffle dates: March 26/08 - April 16/08

All items will be at Tails-A-Wagging doggie day care:
3959 Hammer Dr. in Bellingham, Washington
email , drop by, or call Angi (360) 733-7387 for tickets.
If out of the Bellingham area, you can mail checks for the raffle
Payable to Furbaby Rescue and mail to:

3959 Hammer Dr.
Bellingham, Wa 98226

Angi will mail tickets to you...

We have volunteers in Blaine, Bellingham, Sedro Woolley, Issaquah, Seattle, Tacoma
If a winner is outside of Bellingham, we can deliver to some areas.

Also you may contact  "Furbaby Rescue" for any information.

1st place, taking small dog price
Loren and Harmony Kellogg, Bellingham, WA
Small Dog Prize:

Pedestal Dog Bed
Harley/Hog Jacket
Velvet Jacket with Oriental neck
Playboy sparkly T-Shirt
Aloe & Oatmeal Shampoo
Retractable Leash
Pet Pillow
Love Harness
Handmade doggie Blanket
Rescue Dog Calendar
Sheltie note cards
Yorkie Notepad
Designer Purse with Glitter and doggies
2 Belly Bands
Plush Toy
Pearl Necklace
Barx Chews
Designer  Boston Terrier Cell phone holder 
Pet food fork
2 ceramic dog bowls
Mud Puppies Designer Dog Collar
Hand Painted Halloween Bandana
Doggie Booties
1 Microchip
Halo Liv a Littles treats
Spot Stew Chicken Food
Himalayan Chew
Doggie Decal
Pink collar
Dog Delicious Chews
Hand knitted doggie Sweater
1 year of toe nail clipping by Pampered Pets Grooming
Sherpa Bag, value $125
Outward Hound Small Dog Car Seat

2nd Place: taking Medium Dog Prize
Mark and Julie Shaw, Bellingham, WA
Medium Dog Prize:

Plush Dog Bed
Greenie Biscuits
Spindrift Floating Frisbee
Designer Westie Cell Phone Holder
2 Beef Stick Chews
Lab List Pad
Golden Retriever Notecards
Pet Food Fork
Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo
Stylin Bandanas - Halloween
Splash Frisbee
Stylin Bandanas - Easter
Rescue Dog Calendar
2 Large Fleece Rope Toys
Hyperdog Tennis Balls
Quilted Comfort Mat
D-Lux Furry Booties
Fleece Jacket
Pink Sparkle collar and leash
Blue Sparkle Collar and leash
Dog Mat for Bowls
Set of Ceramic dog bowls
Designer Cigar Purse
Q-Tease Tossing Toy
Hand Made Dog Blanket
1 Microchip
Halo Liv a Littles chews
Dream Coat Omega supplements
Himalayan Chew
Petlife Biscuits
1 year toenail clipping by Pampered Pets Grooming
Guardian Gear Cargo Cover for dogs

4th Place: taking Home Gift Baskets
G. Todd Schoeneman, Renton, WA

Home Prize:

Pamper Yourself small basket (hand made microwavable packs, neck, eye and larger muscles, bath and shower accessories, candles and many other items.
Larger basket:
"Here in My House" Poem framed
Ornate file folders with matching note cards and envelopes
Grocery Cart Demin Bag
Rescue Dog Calendar
3 Puffkins
Designer Westie cell phone holder
1 Handmade Blue dog doll (NOT FOR DOGS)
1 Handmade Red Dog Doll (NOT FOR DOGS)
1 Handmade Brown Dog Doll (NOT FOR DOGS)
Gilchrist and soames Bath and hair selection
Ornate Picture Frame 5x7
2 Hand crocheted caps
Red Throw

3rd Place: Taking Blankets/Quilt & Cake
David and Heidi Graham, Bellingham, WA

Blanket & Quilt & Cake Prize:

This blanket is handmade, and it is 4 x 5 feet

This Quilt is handmade and is 4.5 x 6 feet

This German Chocolate Cake, created by Pure Bliss Desserts, will tickle your taste buds with delight.  The triple-layer cake is made with rich chocolate, fine cocoa powder, the freshest eggs and pure sweet cream butter.  A decadent Coconut-Pecan filling is smothered between each layer and surrounds the cake. As if all of this wasn’t enough…it’s all brought together under a blanket of smooth chocolate ganache.  Yumm!
Pure Bliss Desserts are always made fresh, and uses natural and organic ingredients. 
This cake sells for $50

(the winner will contact the bakery and have it made )


I would like to thank the people who have worked hard to gather/donate/make items to help lil Julia:

Bow Wow and Woofs, Blaine, WA
Petstop, Bellingham, WA
Jessica, Pampered Pets Grooming, Bellingham, WA
Judy, Adorable Pets Grooming, Bellingham, WA
Himalayan Dog Chew company, Bellingham, WA
Laura Clark, Whatcom Humane Society
The Bath House Pet Salon, Tacoma, WA
Jill Hainje, Seattle, WA
Stacie Kimmer, Tacoma, WA
Terry Preston, Bellingham, WA
Kate Weed, Sedro Woolley, WA
Sandra Brown, Sedro Woolley, WA
Angi Lenz,
Tails-A-Wagging, Bellingham, WA
Tina Palmer, Blaine, WA
Misty Kemp, Bellingham, WA
Halo, Natural Pet Products
Carol Zamacona, Bellingham, WA
Denise Vaughn, Bellingham, WA

I would like to also thank the people who have financially donated to help lil Julia:

Russ and Linda Young, Sammie and Katie, Santana & Kyser,  Bainbridge Island, WA
Ruth Higley, Longview, WA
Billie Marquiss, in memory of Ginny & Cinders, Ellensburg, WA
Kira Bacon, Vashon, WA
Laurie Lewicki, Rio, Harley and in memory of Junior, Sequim, WA
Susanne Gillespie, Seattle, WA
Marie & Blair Whelan, North Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Sheila Robillard, Nanaimo, B.C. Canada
Nicole Oswald, Buddy, Vernon, B.C. Canada
Barb Bachman, Bellingham, WA
Marc Belaire, Bellingham, WA
Friends of Julia, Woodinville, WA
Mary Ann Kirdnoom,
Sam & Higgins, Seattle, WA
Aliesha Alexander, Georgio, Fox Island, WA

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