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Thank you everyone for visiting, at this time, we are not Accepting anymore applications for any of the puppies...

These puppies are from 3 different litters from the same puppy mill. All of these pups are supposedly Chihuahua terrier mixes.  With their mothers they sat in the cages waiting for someone to buy them. Finally rescue was contacted to take these “leftover” babies and find them loving homes. We think that all of these pups will be between 10 and 15 lbs when they are full grown.

1st litter: Willow and Wizard 5-6 months old approx. 7lbs


Willow is a little mother. She cuddles and cares for the other puppies. She is a little shy with people at first but once she realizes that you are there for her she runs to get her own cuddles and pets and cries when you put her down. This wonderful loving girl is going to be a show stopper with her unusual coloring.


Wizard is a real party animal. He loves to play and is the ringleader in the puppy pack. He is a bit shyer with people but loves to get his scratches and pets; and can’t wait to play chase. With his cute little black whiskers this an awesome little boy is just waiting to crawl into your heart.

2nd litter: Windy & Winter 4 months approx. 5lbs


Windy runs as fast as the wind chasing the other pups or any child who will play with her. This little girl is one of the first to run to you demanding attention. She plays with the boys and is always ready for adventure. If pups have a motto hers is “girls just want to have fun”.

Winter is a bit quieter than the other puppies. She loves people and
loves to be held. When she is doing something she concentrates totally
on it and ignores everything else going on around her. This is going to
be an awesome dog who is very much in tune with her family. She already
thinks she is a person and is not sure why she is with these other pups.


3rd litter: Whisper and Wink app. 10-12 weeks

Whisper (nka Lou-Lou)

Whisper is a shy little girl. She runs into the crate and peeks out at you. But once she is in your arms she cuddles close and never wants down. This is a sweet baby who is looking for someone to care for her. Because of her personality she will do best in a quiet home with older children and would really like an older doggy brother or sister.


(Adopted Aug.2/07)

Wink always has a grin on his face (except when you try to take his picture). He is a wiggle worm always busy playing with his buds. When you come to pet him he throws himself on his back asking for a belly rub. He is a favorite of the neighborhood kids who love to play chase with him. He is always near your feet just waiting to crawl into your arms. The family who chooses him will find themselves with a true delight.

All these babies are being fostered in Seattle, for application please
Jill or Furbaby Rescue for application. 

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