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This page is now dedicated to Sage, a lil soul who did not have the chance to live her life:

January 6- March 27/07

Many of you wondered why Sage's picture disappeared.    With the exception of Zandra, Kaja and Otter, everyone became very ill.  They had parvo, the disease that hits the young and the old.   As swiftly as was possible, all these babies were hospitalized, the pups were in different foster homes, and were taken to Kulshan Vet Hospital in Lynden, Maplewood Hospital in Bellingham, trips to Emergency vet Hospital in Bellingham, and Chuckanut vet in Mt. Vernon.  Through round the clock help, and diligence, all survived except Sage.  Sage became ill within a few days in foster care, she was struck with pneumonia, she was hospitalized for several days, and she pulled through, but then parvo hit, and it was too much for this little soul.  Her passing brought a tremendous sadness and loss to all who knew her, held her and loved her.

We did not make this public knowledge, as we needed all preadopters to know, and it was touch and go for a week with Saffron and Nutmeg.

The expensive was horrific, over $4000 to save them, but the sadness was greater...all puppies have new homes now to go to.  I cannot warn people enough, please immunize your dogs, and do not take them anywhere until they are fully vaccinated.  These puppies either contracted the disease from the shelter, or already contracted it before entering the shelter.  Puppies need three sets of shots starting at 8 weeks, if you give them a vaccination prior to this, it is if you think taking your cute puppy out to meet everyone, remember Sage...a life cut too short...
We loved you our lil angel....

This is Mommy

(Adopted April 5/07)

Zandra (nka Xana)
App. 3 years old
10 lbs

Zandra delivered 4 babies  Jan20/07

(Adopted April 7/07)
nka Mooshu

(Adopted April 12/07)
nka Chino

(Adopted April 12/07)
nka Duncan

(Adopted April 12/07)
nka Maggie

Now this little girl is NOT one of Zandra's babies, ironically she looks more like Mom, than her own babies.  Zandra came into rescue pregnant, and had delivered her babies in foster care.  A few weeks later, Otter was dumped with rescue, barely 4 weeks old, and Zandra became her Mom.

(Adopted April5/07)
nka Violet

Happy, Healthy, energetic puppies looking for permanent, responsible loving homes. 

Do you know what puppies love to do?  Eat, poop, play and sleep... and alot of it!

All puppies, especially small breed dogs need constant attention and cannot be left alone for long periods of time.  Puppies need to be taken out for potty every 2 hours or more throughout the day.  Individuals without the proper time commitment need not apply.

Puppies are hard work! Developmentally they require a huge time commitment...

Puppies are being socialized with other dogs and people as well as working handling exercises on a  daily basis.  Puppies are being potty trained using a grass pad and positive reinforcement.

All puppies will be required to be signed up for  Positive Reinforcement Puppy Kindergarten Class (in their area) PRIOR to final adoption process.  Written  proof of this will be required to complete adoption process.

Special attention will be given to applicants with previous puppy experience OR who have read the following information:

" Before You Get Your Puppy" Book, by Ian Dunbar. 

For a free copy of this book, go to

These next three babies, have no relationship to the above, also the same write up applies as above to these three beautiful dolls.  They are Soft coated Wheaten Terrier X, born approximately Feb.2/07

(Adopted April 12/07)
nka Louie

(Adopted April 12/07)
nka Gracie

(Adopted April 12/07)

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