Please help Muppet Back into the Light

And all the wonderful people did, contributions as of June 20/06 are
$3100...I thank all the fantastic people, who helped her

Muppet is an incredible girl, she loves her people, she loves to frolic in the yard, cuddle close to you.  She is one of the kindest, gentlest dogs..  Her joy is playing with toys, she will bring you a toy, place it on your lap, sit back, and wait holding her breath, if you will please, please toss it for her, so she can joyfully run after it, and bring it back.  I do not know her whole story, she was a stray in Yakima, WA.  Adopted and returned when they realized her eyes were not perfect.  And onto Furbaby Rescue she came, another rescue hoping we would get her proper medical attention.

Muppet has hypermature bilateral cataracts, and she is only about 4 years old.  This is not uncommon in the Bichon breed, speculation is, she is a Bichon/King Charles Cavalier.  I took her to the ophthalmologist, and the outcome is good, she is a prime candidate for cataract surgery, good for her, but frightening for our rescue.  The cost is $3000, and the ophthalmologist has been kind enough to give this price, as normally it would be closer to $4000.  If Muppet is left untreated, her outcome is grim.  She easily can develop glaucoma or retinal detachment, both leaving her blind.


I wrestled with the decision for a few hours, but I did not go into rescue to turn my back on any dog.  How could we not help her?  I cannot allow her to enter a world of darkness, when her joy is playing with toys, and having so much fun.  I cannot let her spiral into a world without light.  The success rate for good vision after surgery is 85%...

PLEASE PLEASE help us, pay for this surgery...

She will have the surgery done by Dr. Terri McCalla, Animal Eye Care, in Bellingham, WA

We appreciate any and all help.

Donations SO greatly appreciated,  please send to:

Furbaby Rescue
9718 Allan St.,
Blaine, WA 98230

Her surgery is scheduled for May 24/06...keep your paws crossed for her success. (previously it was scheduled for the 31st, but has been moved to next week)

Today May 24/06: was the big day, she is home, surgery went EXTREMELY well, she now has gorgeous brown eyes, the haze, the bluing is GONE...tomorrow she goes in at 8:30 am for recheck, hopefully all has gone as well as hoped.
She HATES the cone on her head, but in all her pain and suffering she has just endured, she came trotting in my home, looking for her toys...hard to keep her from not playing...

May 25/06:  Recheck this morning, her eyes are doing FANTASTIC, pressure normal, eyes clear.  She continues on 2 types of eyedrops 3 times a day, antibiotics and pain medication.  Recheck in 7 days...continue good thoughts for her total success.
June 1/06: Recheck, Muppet is doing absolutely perfect, the Doctor is extremely happy with her progress.  She continues on her medication, and recheck again in two weeks.  She can start having the cone off, staring Saturday (June 3) under supervision, as long as she doesn't paw at her eyes..she can hopefully be weaned away from the cone.
June3/06: A day free of the cone, you should have seen her face, when I took it off, and gave her one of her toys, it was like watching a child at Christmas..she bounded through the house, and dropped it by my feet, to please toss the toy.  Her eyesight is amazing, she can see everything, no hesitation on following where her toy is.  She also spent a couple of hours at getting beautiful again, a wonderful bath, and clean up, donated by Adorable Pets Grooming, in Bellingham, WA (thank you Judy)
June 15/06: Recheck, her eyes look wonderful, she is said to be able to see as well as it is possible to see with artificial lenses.  The pressure was up a little bit in her eyes, but the Doctor was not overly concerned, but added another eye drop, and wants a pressure retest done in a week.  Muppet as always, charms the staff, said she is one of the best patients they have ever had.

Relaxing after her chasing her toys:-)

June 22/06: Pressure recheck on her right eye, it seems to be doing fine, the ophthalmologist wanted her to continue on the pressure drops till her next appointment just to be sure.  Next appointment is July 10, which will be the last for Dr. McCalla, as her new Mom will continue with a specialist in Seattle...oh yes she has a new Mom, the very first person who contributed to help this girl, fell in love when she met her, well what is not to love.  She will be joining her new Mom, July 15, and she will take a large piece of my heart with her.

July 15/06: Muppet had a couple more rechecks, and is doing very well, her beautiful brown eyes shining through.  She also had to go back to the regular vet, and have her hernia repaired again, but she sailed through that also.  And today (July 15) was a very sad day for me, Muppet went home, she has a wonderful new Mom, I could not ask for a more loving and caring person, but Muppie stole my heart, I can never explain, how intelligent, intuitive a dog she is, a caregiver.  If for any reason this girl had to return to me, she would stay, I could never go through the pain of rehoming her again...a huge part of me, will always be with her...goodbye angel girl, have a fantastic life...

Furbaby Rescue email

Muppet and Furbaby Rescue,  graciously thank the following for their donations to help her "see the light"

Valerie Ray, Seattle, WA
Grays Harbor Pug and Boston Terrier Rescue, Hoquiam, WA
Carole Miller, Hershey, PA In Memory of Pets
Susanne Gillespie, Seattle, WA
Eve Burton, Muffie (fka Kessie) Friday Harbor, WA
Lana Lymburner,  Rilee & Tucker (fka Snuffles), Stanwood, WA,
Joyce Mary Sims,  Wookie, Mount Vernon, WA
Sheelah Oliver, Bobbie, Kelly & Molly, Point Roberts, WA
Steve & Vicki Holm, and their precious Lhasa girl, Council Bluffs, IA
Steve & Elaine French, Teddie, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Diana Honeycutt, Port Townsend, WA
Danni Pierce & Brandi, Seattle, WA
Bill & Billie Marquiss,
Ginny, Ellensburg, WA
Mary Koutecky, Ellensburg, WA
David & Lisa Ashmead, Ozzy, Auburn, WA
Glenna Ashley, Benji (fka Kitty), Milo, Niki & Otis, Wilsonville, OR
Karen & Bruce Frost, Snohomish, WA
Michele Bruce, Molly, Delta, B.C. Canada
Rebecca Hill, Auburn, WA
Aleisha Alexandra,  Georgio , Ben, Jada, Spike, Fox Island, WA
Jane Couch (La Shalimar Shih Tzu) Grassie, Ontario, Canada
Donna Bang, Westbank, B.C. Canada
Karen & Jeffrey Hegree, Everson, WA
Joan Ray, Seattle, WA
Anne Kinsman, Cochrane, Alberta, Canada

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