Meet Lexie and her babies

* babies have all been adopted*

Lexie is approximately 2-3 years old, a gorgeous, spirited, fun loving lil doll.  When she came into rescue she was VERY pregnant, and unfortunately very malnourished.  I had little time to try and get weight and strength back to her before she delivered, which was two weeks after arriving.  It was a terrible birth, all babies were born breech, and sadly two babies were stillborn.  In some way it was natures way of helping this sweet Mamma, as I do not believe she would have been capable of caring for 5 puppies.  Her milk had not come in properly at birth, but a rush to the vet, and a shot to help her milk come in, she is doing fine, and her babies are thriving..

Born July 24 at 2 pm:

These pictures taken July 27/06 (3 days old)

Mulan (female)

Lil Buddha (male)

Su-Ling (female)

I will take weekly pictures so you can watch them grow.  Once they are about 8-10 weeks old, and are able to be spayed/neutered they will be available for adoption.  As for Lexie, she will be available, when her babies don't need her (weaned and socialized).  Her availability depends on her babies. As well as having her spayed. 

If you love pekes, Lexie is amazing, smart, loving, happy, housetrained..and one heck of a doting and protective Mom...hope her babies have a little bit of her personality, she is fantastic.

I will start taking applications at any time, I will also preadopt the babies and will let possible adopters meet the pups, once they are at least 5 weeks old.

*In Memory of two lil souls, both boys, who never had a chance*

Aug 6/06 (14 days old)


Lil Buddha


August 19/06 (27 days old)


Lil Buddha


August 28/06 (5 weeks old)


LiL Buddha


Lil Buddha & Su-Ling

These babies are so cute, with darling personalities..Buddha is the calm one, the sisters are always looking for trouble:-)

Sept. 4 (6 weeks old)

Mulan (pre-adopted)

Lil Buddha (pre-adopted)

Su-Ling (pre-adopted)

Sept.12/06 (7 weeks old)

Mulan (pre-adopted)

Lil Buddha (pre-adopted)

Su-Ling ((pre-adopted)

Fostered in Blaine, WA email  Furbaby Rescue for application.

The babies were spayed and neutered Sept. 18/06..
Mulan and Su-Ling have gone to their new forever home *together* on Sept.19/96, with a wonderful couple, thank you Dave & now in Langley, B.C. Canada...

Bye everyone, I am going to my home tomorrow (Sept.22/06).  I get a great new Mom and Dad, and a new brother Tofu, he is a pug, so he has the same squished  nose I do.  My foster Mom, is having withdrawal right now, watching us grow into beautiful lil furbabies, and letting us go onto our new lives...I think she is kind of upset, but happy we all found such wonderful new homes...I am going to live on Camano Island, WA...I know my parents will spoil me...
Thank you everyone for watching us brothers are watching from the bridge, happy that we will have a great life.  We hope our Mom has a wonderful new life also, she is very special to her foster home..and when she is loved as much as she is, it is hard to let her go, but rescue means, loving them enough to let them go.

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