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Kobi (my rescue baby)

I rescued Kobi from a shelter in Idaho, he had been beaten and abused, and his top teeth have been either removed or most likely kicked out. His fear of feet and quick movement is horrendous.  I felt that he would not rehome easily, and decided to keep this baby and work with him.  Over a year later, there has been dramatic improvement, his fear and dislike of people has gone away, he is loving and kind to people, but always just a bit on guard.  He is very different than any ST I have known, he has different growls for everything, it took time to understand his method of communication, happy growls, play growls, angry growls.  He never knew how to play, it took him a long time to get along with my other dogs, as they did not understand him. He was totally unsocialized, makes me wonder what someone did to him, to make him so uneasy, stressed and unhappy..Today though he is happy, loved, and our baby, he still has issues, we may never overcome them all,  as he was 5 when I got him, and to undo 5 years of abuse is a long road.  No matter he is here to stay!!!!

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