Judie and Higgins

Judie came across my website after her beloved Higgins went to the Bridge.  In honor of her furbaby, she wanted to contribute to my efforts to help these unwanted and abused furbabies.  She has donated to this cause both financially and emotionally.  I want to thank this extraordinary lady for her help.  She has followed Precious's story with her sorrowful ending, and watched Wiks story as it has unfolded into a soon to be happy ending...and Higgins I thank you for watching all our furbabies at Rainbow Bridge.

Higgins had a wonderful life with Judy, his beginning began in a petstore and his story is one that again makes me shudder about puppymills.  He fought sickness his whole life, but had a wonderful Mommie who helped him and stayed by him until the Angels needed him..  A friend of hers wrote her a letter from Higgins at the Bridge, to help ease her sorrow.  


         My Dearest Mommie

Just wanted to write you to tell you I'm fine,
Each day as I romp in meadows and sunshine.

There are beautiful flowers like you taught me to love
It's so gorgeous and colorful with an occasional dove.

I have a little spot where I like to curl up and rest,
Just like at our house, where you made my window nest.

No pond scum at all, only cool water in streams.
My eyes are so clear, they're almost like beams!

I'm warm enough here without a sweater..
But, I'll tell you I'm wearing one, if it makes you feel better!
                     (pant, pant!!)

Thank you for loving me with your soul and heart.
That's why we're OK and we will never be apart.

Our memories are strong of our time on earth.
There is no measure of what you love is worth.

You cared for me the best-we took care of each other.
Even though we ran from one Vet to another!! Tee-hee!

Someday when you feel a breeze or a raindrop sprinkle,
Or see a puffy cloud, hear a wind chime tinkle;

Please know it's me tugging at your heart strings,
Let it bring a sweet smile and make your heart sing.

To know I love you must be enough for now.
Until we're united again--I see You Come! I take a bow!

And run to my Mommie with all of her charms,
And together we cross "The Rainbow Bridge"
        Me..in your arms.....

All my Love and Licks Higgie           


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