Kimmie has generously donated to Wiki's medical needs.

                    She has written a wonderful letter that I would like to share.




          LETTER TO WIKI  9-22-00





I am so glad you are in the capable hands of your rescue friend, Eleni.  Even though things are probably wonderful for you with her, you might still feel dazed and confused.  Sometimes that happens when we lose people we love.  I have heard you are brave and strong and want very much to go on living.  There are many humans who love you and we are praying that God, the creator of every wonderful living thing, follows you closely.

I am writing this now not because I think you will read it but because I hope something in my message is passed on through Eleni.  You are special.  I wish I could pick you up and tell you that myself.  It can't hurt that there are numerous people pulling for you!

Your face is quite a picture.  I felt all the same things the first time I met my dear Lhasapoo friend, Nelson.  He, like you, has physical challenges.  Many people thought he would die.  He did not, Wiki.  Nelson is alive and well and a gigantic part of my life.  You will be someone's treasured gift from God.  You have already blessed the lives you have touched with the strength of your spirit.  The story of your life is a  colorful picture that will serve to spread the word about the importance of commitment to animals by the people who ask them to join their families.

God chose you to help carry the message because of your strength.  He knew you could do it.  I am with you as you continue your journey through life.  Eleni's home is right where God intended you to be at this moment in time.  May the power of love carry you through until your forever mommy holds you for the first time.

Your friend...Kimmie


        Wiki and Furbaby Rescue Thanks you

And Bless you Kimmie

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