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  I've have two dogs, a Rat Terrier (Zeus -white) and Rat Terrier x Chihuahua (Jasper -brown), that I am unable to care for.  I rescued both dogs five years ago and they have been living together happily.  I have just gone through a divorce and work causes me to leave the dogs alone for 12+ hours a day. This is my permanent schedule, and have tried for the last year to make it work, but must consider what is in the dog's best interest. I would like to see both dogs rehomed to someone that has more time to give them the exercise, attention and love they deserve. 
   Zeus is 7-8 years old, neutered, male, he up to date on his shots and is healthy boy.  He is high energy, very athletic, loves people and playing with his toys. He is good with kids (though not much exposure to them, especially under 5 years old). He's good with other dogs and cats. He does have some separation anxiety.  He can pull a bit on a leash, but is learning to be better. 

   Jasper is an 7-8 year old neutered male also.  Up to date on his shots and healthy.  He is a much lower energy dog, though enjoys his walks. He is very courteous on a leash. He is good with other small dogs, as well as cats. When I first got him, he was not very good with men, but this has improved. He does have a history of biting.  Seems to be mostly fear aggression and insecurity, but needs to be around people that are more experienced dog owners and move slowly and patiently with him.  Because of this, a child free home would be best.  Though he has gotten much better since I first got him, I ask all my guests to ignore him and not to touch him unless he approaches them, then he is on their lap.  He growls when he's happy, and as a warning, so he's hard to read unless you know him!
   Both dogs have been trained to use a dog door. 






Shih Tzu/Yorkshire Terrier mix
6 years old

Buddy is looking for a home! He is a 6 1/2 year old 13 lb Shih Tzu mix whose owners were going to euthanize him because they found out he is diabetic. Other than ...the diabetes, he is totally healthy! He is great with other dogs and cats, likes to snuggle on the couch and go for walks. His insulin injections cost less than $30 per month. I would not recommend him for a home with small children.


Thank you!


Ragan Burge 










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