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Only just arrived, Lizzie has an absolutely URGENT medical problem. One of her eyes has an oozing rupture from an untreated injury. It must be removed IMMEDIATELY! This damaged eye can become SERIOUSLY infected thru the open wound in it and possibly cost this sweet dog her life.


Total eye removal is required. It is a costly operation with several weeks of intensive care necessary afterwards. Fortunately Lizzie is with a foster mom who has already had a dog successfully undergo this procedure and knows how to do the after surgery care.


Lizzie needs help on her medical costs! It will cost almost $600 to cover her surgery, pain medication, ointments and antibiotics. Please help a gentle Shih Tzu lady thru this trying time.

April 26/03: 

Super Shih Tzu Gal...Little Miss Lizzie!!! HIP HIP HURRAH!!!! HOME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

But I think most of you have seen alot worse in rescue...
Here she is in all her glory less than 24hrs after her enucleation...not half bad, really!!! Lizzie made it thru the eye removal surgery magnificently...what a gal!!! She was ready for getting out of the crate first thing this morning and on with eating, drinking and roaming about...the important things in life! We just need to watch that it is healing nicely and no excess drainage is building up...sometimes they miss a tear duct closure...but those reabsorb... far, so good!

 THANK YOU everyone who helped with her transport and/or with some moral support! This little doll is getting a new life>

We are not there yet, with paying her bill, but with the kindness of the people below, we have had some great help, and we'll get there, and foster Mom is busy sewing bellybands to also help offset the costs... 

Update May 2nd, 2003

Little Lizzie came thru her urgent eye surgery with no problems. She was up and around the morning after surgery, ready and happy to go outside for walks and attention. She quickly became a favorite with the clinic staff due to her loving personality. Lizzy let medications be administered when needed and seemed to realize that her cooperation helped everyone. What a doll!


Over the next week, Lizzie recuperated with incredible speed and healed so fast that her stitches were removed 9 days after her eye surgery. She was perky and active, more than ever with the removal of that slowly leaking old ruptured eye. She had no inflammation or leakage from the eye or tear ducts. Everyone could tell she felt soooooo much better!


The vets and staff of the Cat and Dog Clinic of Bellevue should be commended for the beautiful work they did with this little Shih Tzu. Their care and consideration that every animal should live the best quality life as possible has made a difference in the lives of both rescue and "owned" pets alike. Our sincerest thanks. 

May 22, 2002  Lizzie's Love


Lizzie touched many people thru her rescue from abandonment, her transport to us and the urgent operation she needed.  Our concerns went from her immediate survival and health to her long term needs after her recovery from surgery. We were sure that somewhere there was a home meant for this little gal who had gone thru so much.


One lady in particular followed Lizzie's story...and realized her heart was won by Lizzie. She opened her home and arms to the tiny girl. Lizzy knew it was hers and made herself right at home from the start. You might see the two of them out for an evening walk around a quiet little lake north of linking them even more closely than the leash they walk with...

And we close now, donations have covered her surgery, and we thank all the wonderful people who made a difference in her life...

Thank you from all the volunteers of
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