Dollie passed away quietly Dec.7/04 
She was treasured for the short time she had with her wonderful owners

Ten years of age
Ten years of pain
Each day her eyes hurt so
It's always the same.

 Dollie needs her eyes mended
So she won't go blind
So that ten years of torment
Are forever behind.

 With a little good luck
No more will she cower
With a nip and a tuck
She'll be fixed in an hour

Dollie suffers from endotropion eye lids - this means her eyelids are rolled into the eye.  Her eyelashes constantly rub across her eyeballs, causing constant pain, irritation and permanent damage from abrasion and the resulting eye infections. If this condition is not surgically corrected by cutting and resculpting her eyelids, Dollie will soon become blind. Her eye surgery, medications, and after care will cost about $700.

Please help offset Dollie's surgical costs with a donation. When her surgery is done and healing completed, Dollie will be available for adoption to a loving, approved home.

Oct/02: Dollie has had her surgery, as her foster Mom could not stand to see her painful eyes any longer...updates soon

Oct 15/02: Sweet Dollie's eyes look so sore, but she will be fine soon.

Oct.20/02: As mentioned the surgery to correct Dollie's in rolling eyelids was done at her foster family's vet.  For about 10 days she was cleaned, medicated and salved.  Dollie had to wear a large, uncomfortable plastic cone collar to protect her eyes from accidental damage or purposeful scratching on her part.  Those sutures begin to pull and itch as they heal.  Dollie did well with the several times daily cleanings, wiping, drops and creams and the extra handling around those painful eyes.

After ten days, the post surgical swelling and bruising was almost gone and the sutures removed.  On evaluation, the eyelid roll of each eye had been fixed, but due to the strange angles that many of Dollie's eyelashes grow in, a bit more work will have to be done.  She will have to have the errant lashes removed permanently so that there will be none still touching her eyeballs.

Dollie has charmed the staff at the vet with her good nature and best cooperation on what has to be repeated bouts of major discomfort for her.  Think of the last time you had an eyelash or debris in your eye and had to poke around for it!  But Dollie continues to let a lot be done to her and for her without a lot of complaint.

She is looking bright eyed and is more active and interested in all that goes on around her.  There amazingly seemed to be less permanent damage to her vision from the constant abrasion than we had even hoped for!  A vet check back last week gave her a "best condition ever" rating on her eye health even though she does need a final round of treatment to give her eyes a real A+ outcome.

Nov.02: Dollie has a new wonderful home, that will continue her care...we thank you for helping her dream come true...donations helped greatly, and we appreciate all of your caring, concern and help...we do not ask for any more donations, we did not fully recover the costs, but to see her in her great new home, is reward enough...thank you one and all, and now her new life begins...

Donations greatly appreciated
Furbaby Rescue
c/o E. Naslund
9718 Allan ST
Blaine, WA 98230

Our appreciation and loving thanks to:
Barbara Avallon, Toms River, NJ
John & Eileen Ratchford, Port Townsend, WA
Sue Nowakowski, Ludlow, MA
Catherine Quesnel, Ludlow, MA (Sable was a very fortunate furbaby, and is waiting for you at the Bridge with a smile, thanking you for helping others)
Cathy Davis (Parker, Uno & Dudly) Vancouver, WA
Deborah Bednarz (in memory of Sable) Ludlow, MA
(and yes with your help and others Dollie will be able to see the "real world" where a lot of people care..thank you )
Carolyn Delgiacco (and her beloved Dollie, a Lhasa also 10 years old) Troy, NY
Odean Cuskak, Plymouth Meeting, PA (Odean thank you, you have always been there, by my side, giving me inspiration)

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