Shih Tzu
Female / spayed / UTD
15 lbs
Blousey found a great home in Seattle, unfortunately she passed to the bridge in 06...
My name is Blousey and have I got a story to tell you....
I was found many months ago in Seattle, WA roaming the streets with no place to call home.
I was brought home and then transferred to many different people until a family in Portland, OR took me in to be their furbaby, but alas that was not to be my forever home.
I got sick about a month ago and became a bit nippy.
I started by having to go potty allot and then I had blood coming out when I had to strain so hard to go potty. My family took me to the Vet and got me medicine but it was not the answer, they needed to do an X-ray to find out what was the matter with me. They said that they could not afford this, so I kept having the problem and I was a VERY miserable little furbaby. Well, they finally decided after some soul searching that they would give me up to Furbaby Rescue. My Daddy brought me to  the Vet's office to sign the release papers and she saw the blood and got very scared for me. So we went into an exam room and a nice Doctor and Nurse came in and they took me into the back and took some pictures of my insides. It was not a pretty sight inside there... I heard them say that the stone that was lodged in my bladder was the size of as BOULDER!!! It sure did hurt that was all I knew... Well, then they decided that surgery was needed now, so I spent the night in a comfy kennel at the Vet's and the next morning they removed my boulder and oh, they also spayed me.
It sure was allot for a little girl like me, but I sure do feel lots better now. I am on a special diet and I go potty so much easier now, no straining, no blood and best of all, NO PAIN!!!
All of this cost allot of money and well, I asked if I could write this and see if maybe some nice people out in Human-Land could donate some money to my fund to help defray some of the cost. My bill was almost $850 and that is allot of dog bones and treats that my friends can't have because of my surgery. Everyone keeps saying that it was worth EVERY DIME to see the smile on my face, but I know she is stressing, so if you could donate a little to my fund, I would be so grateful .
Donations greatly appreciated
Furbaby Rescue
c/o E. Naslund
9718 Allan ST
Blaine, WA 98230
Oh, by the way.... I would love a great forever home 
I am living in Portland, OR and would love to hear from you soon, so that I can start my new life for the New Year.
Many Thanks & Gratitude to:
June Rachles, Ashland Oregon
Miguel Benito, Seattle, WA
Cathy Davis, Vancouver, WA
Darell, Trish, Abby & Griffey, McCleary, WA
Sandy Opperman, Wexford, PA
Vicki Campbell, Santa Cruz, CA

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