In Memory of Laurel



Our local shelter let us know they had a beautiful Chihuahua in need of placement and is hoping  Furbaby Rescue can take her.  She was found as a stray and is pregnant. You know I can't say no to those mamma dogs!  So as soon as her stray hold was up, and no one claimed her... we brought her home. We named her Blossom, she is so beautiful.


 6:30pm,  stopping off at Animal Emergency Care- to see our friends there,  and to show off this beauty.  The did a quick ultra sound to see how far along she was.  Dr. Jennifer says about 45 days along.  Normal gestation is 63 to 65 days so that puts us at our whelping date of around March 24th...her belly is already so big!


Blossom is getting bigger everyday.  My dogs adore her.  She plays well with everyone.  Using the dog door like a champ! No problems or concerns with her behavior.  She really wants to go on walks with us.. but since she is pregnant she can't be vaccinated, and as a stray we don't know her immunity history, so its best to keep her away from potential danger. 


Took Blossom to Northshore vet for an x-ray.  Pups should be old enough to see what we have!  Well.. well... looks like Blossom will be a proud mamma of 6 babies!  She is already showing some mild letdown, so it should be soon! We set up her whelping area, lots of plushy blankets and a heating pad.


Blossom is nesting today. Taking EVERY toy we have in the house and putting them in her bed.  Of course Morocco Mole thinks this is a very fun game and he promptly takes them all out again.  They  have been playing this game for about 3 hrs!


  Blossom ripped up 3 beds in 30 minutes!  She is getting ready. I am taking bets that tonight is the night. 

6:15pm: OH BOY!  we have a boy!  All white, male pup.  Appears very healthy. ADORABLE. Fairly uneventful birth. Blossom is doing very well. This big guy is Kale.

7:05pm:  Next pup is born. Its a girl.  While Blossom was eating the placenta she tore her umbilical cord!  Lots of blood everywhere. We needed to work quickly. Jason grabbed our emergency kit and I tie off the umbilical cord. Ok, the bleeding has stopped- she is ok.  Her name is Petunia.

9:45pm: 2 more pups one right after the other. Another boy and a girl. Laurel

 and Rosie. 

Blossom is so tired. She eats some food I bring her and lets us take her out for a potty break.  What a good girl.  All pups born and nursing and doing well!

10:15pm Without much effort, Blossom delivers a 3rd boy.  He's a big one!  Bigger than the others.  So adorable, a tri colored pup. This whopper is Reed.

11:00pm: Blossom is struggling a little.  She asks me to rub her back by pushing towards me.  I, of course, give her anything she wants.  T-Touch along her spine helps the contractions.  A 6th pup is born. A sweet tiny little girl.  I'll call her Lilly.


11:20pm.  Blossom is wiped out,  too tired from all her work.  Pups are all nursing.  We weigh them all, and will weigh them everyday. Its essential to make sure they are gaining weight.


All pups are doing well. But Laurel has not gained any weight. He is maintaining his weight but not gaining... If he has not gained weight by tomorrow we will need to begin to tube feeding. He is nursing and his color is good.


All pups are doing great... except Laurel.  He is nursing, but he is not pooping and was not gaining weight.  A trip to the emergency hospital showed us he has a intestinal torsion, basically his intestines were not fully developed and they were rolled over onto themselves, cutting off the blood supply.  He could not get food past his lower intestines. Surgery was his only option, but neo natal surgery for a dog his size was not an option, he would never of survived.  The vet felt he was in pain. We opted to euthanize him on Sunday.

We brought him back to Blossom and the others so she could smell him and know the truth.  She tried desperately to revive him but within minutes, she knew the circle of life had taken her baby and she pushed him to the side, covered him under a blanket and tended to the rest of her babies. She has not looked for him again, she knows.

Other pups are doing great. All are fat and happy.  We are supplementing them with milk replacer, as 5 pups is a lot for a Chihuahua to supply enough milk for.  

Blossom is a great mamma.  Very attentive to them all.  She is keeping all my dogs at  safe distance, except my little Morocco Mole... she lets him help care for them.  He cleans them and moves them around to get closer to her. He then sits by her side and waits for his next task.  He brings her food and treats, if she asks.  He watches them when she wants to go out for potty herself.

Blossom is a very organized mamma. She continually lines her babies up... in a row. Of course they wiggle all over and get out of line, she starts all over  again.  On more than one occasion I find her putting them into categories. Girls on one side, boys on the other... Ah an organized girl after my own heart!


The pups are doing very well.  Everyone is gaining weight steadily.  Blossom is leaving her pups to eat and go potty and occasionally nap on the bed for a break.  She is amazing!  Such a great mamma!


All pups have almost doubled in size since birth.  A little big for Chihuahua pups, but very close.  Mamma is all Chi, but she is a little larger too at 8 lbs. Only time will tell what we have here!
Kale: 10.0 oz
Rosie: 8.0 oz
Petunia: 9.0 oz
Reed: 10.25 oz
Lilly: 9.75 oz



 Moved the pups to a higher traffic area in the house, now that their eyes are starting to open.  Busiest place is the kitchen, they need to start seeing and hearing all the loud noises a house has to offer. Pans dropping,  dogs barking,  phone ringing.... all this makes for a more developed puppy brain!


 All the puppies are doing great. Everyone's eyes are open and ears and just now starting to open.  They lift their heads and begin to track your movement when you walk into the room!  Kale, Reed and Lilly are all attempting to stand with Kale making the most progress to walking. 

All puppies get three time daily handling exercise, besides all their regular love sand kisses.  Touching feet, ears bellies with different textiles helps their brain development. 

Blossom is gaining weight... those pups drain so much from her.  She is the best mamma.  Leaving them more and more so she can sun herself on the couch.  Of course, she puts Morocco in charge of watching them while she is gone.  Rosie keeps trying to nurse on Morocco's ears... poor Mr. Mom


FAT...FAT...FAT.... I love fat puppies!  Everyone is doing well.  All the pups are standing.  Reed and Kale are trying their best to walk (without falling over!)


Pups love their new area.  Lots of sun and its in the busiest part of the house. Blossom loves it since she can  came and go as she pleases! Crate training has begun.  We start with one crate and will work up to 5 separate crates as the weeks go on.  Not fair to adopt theses pups to a new home with out them knowing ALL the basics! Puppies must know sit, down, come, use wee pads and be crate trained and properly socialized by the time they go to their new home.  This should be standard for any rescue, shelter or breeder!!! Expect nothing less!


One of my dogs Pudge was being a bit bossy around Blossoms food bowl, so I moved her into the puppy's area to eat. ALL the pups came out of their crate to see what was going on and all had interest in her food!  Usually we see this in Chihuahua puppies at 35 to 45 days of age... WOW at 23 days of age! Very smart pups here.  I offer them all puppy gruel (Puppy Milk replacer and a bit of puppy canned food)  THEY ALL EAT! Look out,, fat puppies ahead!


Pups are eating 4 times a day on their own. They are wrestling and playing with toys.  Kale barked and scared himself!  Poor Kale. Morocco Mole came RUNNING in to make sure he was ok and stayed with him until he was playing again.  Everytime pups wake up from a nap, after they eat or have a play session, we plop them onto their wee pads.  All pups are using their pads!  Good puppies!

Watch the video of the pups

Lunch Time:-)

  Percy and Morocco do some puppy sitting.


Pups are all doing so well. No problems or concerns. They are developing normally.  They enjoy wrestling  a lot now and are very inquisitive about new toys. They are all learning a group recall cue. We say "PUPPIES" and reward them when they come. All doing great with it.


All my dogs really enjoy being with the pups. Blossom is no longer sleeping with them at night (she prefers our bed)  Petunia LOVES cats. She gets SO wiggly when she sees one of my cats, she can't stop trying to kiss them. 


Introduced pups to dry kibble tonight.  Mixed in only a few kibble into their canned food.  No one is quite sure what to do... but Kale spent about 6 minutes playing with a piece of food... tossing it all over the floor!


Puppies experience grass for the first time.  In this movie below you see Maggie (Shih Tzu staying with us a few days) as well as Blossom- not in the mood for nursing and my dogs meg and Pudge wandering around

In the Grass

5 weeks old


CRAZY puppies!  all with a ton on energy and doing great.  We are continuing our crate training and they are starting to voluntarily sleep in separate. Pups are eating from KONG'S now, learning how to settle themselves. We let the puppies go out with us and the other dogs,  at least twice a day into the yard.  especially early in the mornings,  bet for them to get used to wet grass now and not be weenie Chihuahuas who won't get wet!


All the pups have very distinct personalities now. Kale is the baby... a little whiny and never the first to try anything! Rosie is an adventure dog!  The first to try a   new toy, they first to chew on her crate, the first to introduce herself to a new person or dog.  Reed is a sweet gentle boy, outgoing but lets his sisters try stuff first.  Petunia is the happiest dog in the world.  She always is running and laughing and generally being silly.  Lilly is the boss.  Plays a little more rough than the others,  tries to puts other dogs in their place.  A girl after my own heart!


Happy Mothers Day.  Blossom spent her special day playing and romping with her pups. She is the best dog ever.  She has fit in so nicely with my dogs.  She loves sleeping under the covers (like most Chi) and is the most well behaved dog. We all just love her.  She is allowing the pups to nurse about 2 to 3 minutes once  day- since they are all eating on their won now.  Its just out of habit for them.  She is getting spayed next week.

Puppies all attempted stairs today... all did pretty well too. See movie.



Pups will all go up onto and are now available to be pre-adopted.  Should still be ready to go to new home by the end of May/beginning of June.


8 weeks old







Time for pups to start sleeping alone in their crates.  Up until now its been two to a crate.  But no one wants to stress these little babes out when they go to their new homes.  They need to learn to sleep alone now.  We use what's called Long Term Confinement:  The space is big enough for them to have a crate, pee pad, water bowl, toys and food stuffed Kong's.  This way going to a new home will be less of a shock, they already have to deal with no more brothers and sister.... it would not be fair for this also to be the first time they have ever slept alone!

Puppies this size cannot sleep in your bed (yet)  they cannot hold it through he night... it impossible, as their bladder is the size of a pea!  So we set up this area so if they need to potty in the middle of the night they can,  and then go back to bed. Its a win win situation. When the puppy is able to hold it all night, or at least 6 months of age, we can discuss sleeping somewhere else.

Blossom got adopted today!  Lovely woman and her Chi Pedro.  Perfect match!  AND they're local so I get to see her from time to time!  We love you Blossom!


Pups have a big weekend ahead of them.  Long time volunteer Koreen and Roger will be watching pups over the weekend, while Jason and I head out of town. Great opportunity for the pups too,  they will get to spend time with big dogs, large birds, more cats and other Chihuahua.  TJ is staying with Koreen until he goes to his new home this weekend,  it will be fun for him to have dogs his own age to play with!

Kale (adopted)
Reed (Adopted)

Lilly (Adopted)


Petunia (Adopted)


Kale was adopted today. He is such a happy boy and will be so loved.  Good Luck Kale.


Petunia picked her family today... she gets to live with 3 toy poodles and run the house....

Blossom came by for a visit.  She looks SO good and was happy to see her kids again.


We will miss our sweet, sassy Lilly.  She was adopted today to a wonderful man who has adopted a Chi from FBR before.  Petie is a delight that will love his new sister.

And then there were two....


Reed was adopted to a wonderful couple today. He loves them so much, its clear.  He gets a Chi cousin to love and look up to. 

and then there was one


Sweet Rosie is happy and content still with my clan.  We have a pup staying with us while her parents are out of town so Rosie thinks its great to have someone closer to her own age. 

she will find her forever home... the right one is out there.




Rosie had a nice morning adventure today.  took all the dogs on a LONG walk- as usually for Saturdays.  Of course, since Rosie is not fully vaccinated she can't be on the ground, but she thoroughly enjoyed being carried in a puppy pouch.  All those sights and sounds and she was wiped out!

Her buddy Maggie went home today- from visiting... Rosie will have to settle for just my dogs to keep her company!

She is sleeping well in her long term confinements area at night, alone.  A little fussing for a few minutes but she settles quickly.

We had to trade out he x-pen area for a large wire crate as she climbed out on Friday!  Now she sleep from 10pm and is up at 5am.  Such a good girl.

It has her bed and a wee pad in case she has to got potty at night


Brought Rosie along with my clan to Sunday Socials Group.  A group of healthy, vaccinated, small dogs who currently go to Tails-A-Wagging, we meet every week for a play date.  She ran and played for a couple of hours.  Loving everyone and being a  perfect puppy.

Did I mention Rosie is a social eater?  We see this often in Chihuahua... she rarely eats when alone, she likes you to sit with her while she eats.  She enjoys being petted and talked too during her meals.

Eating her dry kibble with mixed veggies. Peas and pumpkin are her favorite.


Rosie woke up at 5am, as usual, a little whining to let us know she needed to go outside.  We quickly took her out and as the perfect pup she pee'd and poo'd.  After getting her potty treat, Then RAN to our bed and got under the covers as quickly as she could!  Is she a CHI or what! She settled in and we got a few more minutes of sleep.

After breakfast, she and my four dogs went back to bed....


Rosie hunts

Rosie loves kitties


Rosie is having the time of her life.  She is such a joyful puppy.  Loves eating her kibble mixed with veggies.  Eating 3 times a day, along with lots of snacks. She knows the nighttime routine of a greenie in your crate. We say "bed time" and all the dogs run to their crates for their pm greenie.  At first she tried to get into Morocco's crate, but he let her know the rules.  Now she goes to her own crate and settles for her treat.


Booster vaccines today.  But Rosie was a trooper.  Lots of treats help her get through the pain of the vaccine.  Everyone enjoyed seeing those ears!


Rosie and my dogs went to Sunday Socials today at Tails-A-Wagging, a play group for small dogs and their people.  She had a blast running and wrestling,  and meeting lots of new people.


Rosie enjoys our nightly walks with the other dogs.  Since she is not fully vaccinated, she still can't walk on the ground but she is happy to be carried so she can see everything.  We practice walking on leash in the backyard, so she is ready in her new forever home.


At Sunday Socials today, Rosie had a pleasant surprise.  Blossom, her mamma, came for play time herself!  She looks so beautiful and is so happy.  She ran right over to Rosie and gave her a bunch of kisses.  Check  out these pics of Rosie and Blossom at Sunday Social!


Rosie came to work with me today.  More people to meet and love.  She is so tiny she slips right thru the baby gate in the front lobby, she thinks its so funny to dart in and out of the office.


Sunday Socials again... happy to be hanging out with all her buddies.  Maggie came for a play date and Rosie and Maggie rolled all over the floor, wrestling with each other.


Rosie heard her first fireworks today.  we were right on top of this, so she immediately got a treat for being aware of the sound and not reacting.  By the end of the day, she had heard so many and gotten so many treats that when she hears one now she sits by the cookie jar!


Rosie is at work again today.  Willy and Rosie are snuggling each other in the office.  Happy Independence Day from Rosie!

(Adopted July 6/09)

Thank you everyone for reading our story, it now comes to an end, but a new wonderful beginning for Mamma Blossom and her wonderful babies

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