Successful Other Small Breed Adoptions

(Adopted Nov./06)

Male/neutered/shots current
3.5 years old
4 lbs



Cody is a wonderful, happy, loving little Chi-boy. His owners moved and could not take him with them, so they surrendered him to an area shelter, hoping he would find another home. Cody was very shy; and afraid of all the noise and chaos in the shelter environment.  The staff called us asking that we take him into calmer surroundings.

This little guy is a total love bug. He gives kisses galore, loves tummy rubs and likes nothing better than to be carried around and fussed over. He enjoys laying in your lap and is not pushy or demanding in the least. He is a quiet dog, not yappy and has a darling, happy personality. Cody does well with other small dogs, already playing nicely with the other fosters within only a few days of coming to us. He'd love to have a small, active buddy to chase and wrestle with for fun. We don't know how Cody reacts to cats or children at all.

Cody was just neutered and he is recovering nicely. He is also learning to use the doggy door and we keep a belly band on him to make sure he doesn't have any piddle accidents inside. He's a smart lad, so should get back to good manners quickly. Cody loves chewies, treats and attention. An amazing boy that just needs someone who loves the breed and wants a devoted, affectionate companion. Is yours the home for this incredibly sweet Chi? Lil Cody has a great new home

(Adopted Nov. 19/06)
Female/spayed/shots current
App. 18 months old
14 lbs
*sweet Kylie passed away in March/19 from heart failure"

Mom or Mom(s), looking for a lifetime companion...well Kylie is the one.  She adores women, worships them, sits on your feet, your lap, loves to be close, caring, loving...the list goes on...but she is uncomfortable with men. Something must have happened to this loving lil girl, she trembles, barks, and hides behind the first women she can find, to get away from them...can this be worked through? absolutely, if the man in the house is willing to spend the time and energy to do this, cause she does want to be friends with them, but is afraid to be.  With women, you could not ask for a sweeter companion, once she knows you, you could stand her on her head, and she would cover you with kisses...she is housetrained, crate everyway a great girl, except for her concern with men.  Though in few days, she is responding and asking for pets from the foster Dad...and now she is his best friend also
She also loves to play with toys, happily tossing them around, and you will find her contently chewing on a hoof...enjoying life and she loves to play with other dogs.
Adult Home Only

Kylie found a very special Mom, now residing in Richmond, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Nov. 21/06)
Cocker Spaniel (mix ?)
Female/spayed/shots current
25 lbs
App 4-5 years old

Cindy is a wonderful loving girl. She is looking for a new home because
first her mom and then her dad had to go into nursing homes. Her family
and some of the people from the home tried to find a place for her but
could not keep her. At first she was confused in foster care and not
sure about being around so many dogs but she is a wonderful, intelligent
girl and she adjusted quickly. She sleeps quietly on her rug or in her
bed. She plays with toys, loves her chewies and sits for her treats. She
likes to hang out with the other dogs and has started to try to play
with them but what she really loves is being close to her person. Cindy
is housetrained, quiet and loving. She loves to go for rides in the car,
walks around the neighborhood and to meet new people. She has lived with
cats as well as dogs. Cindy will make a wonderful loving, undemanding
companion for anyone willing to welcome her into their home.   
Cindy was a special girl, who found even more special people, who love her so much, now residing in Mission, B.C. Canada

(Adopted Nov. 25/06)
Terrier/Shih Tzu
Female/spayed/shots current
18 months old
18 lbs

Raven is a gorgeous little girl who has come into rescue after a very tough beginning in her life.  She was left out in the backyard since birth with little to no human contact.  Therefore, she was denied the socialization needed at the important stage of a dogs emotional development.  Raven is 'extremely' shy/timid and will scurry and hide when frightened.  She will need a very, very patient human to continue socializing her.  Raven has warmed up to dogs similar in size and her breed. It will  benefit her to have a canine Big Sister or Big Brother to help her gain confidence in herself.  She's just learning its okay to play and be a silly girl.  Raven loves to go for walks and is housebroken.  A securely fenced yard would be best for her potty purposes.  She is spayed, microchipped and UTD on her vaccinations.  At this time, Raven is very fearful of children so an ADULT ONLY home is required.  Be very careful when you look into those lovely eyes of hers as she will put you under her spell.

It is very important that Raven is adopted to a home with another dog, this dog needs to be one, who would love to entice her to play, and help her gain her confidence. 
For more details on her beginnings, and her life prior to rescue contact Furbaby Rescue.

Raven found that home, who would understand her shyness and help her become the real dog she is meant to be, and especially helped by an adorable Westie named Journey...thank you Katherine..residing in Olympia, WA

(Adopted Nov. 26/06)
Casey & Rusty
Casey (Bichon/Westie) Rusty (Bichon) "yes I know with my face shaved I look like a Poodle"
Males/neutered/shots current

*Note we are also looking for long term foster home*

This pair has been together for over 9 years, WE WILL NOT SEPARATE THEM. Please don't even ask! They are best buddies, a team, walking together, sleeping near each other. This pair is very much like Oscar and Felix in the Odd Couple as you will learn from their bios below. Quite the characters. Do you have the background to love and enjoy these two in their golden years?

Rusty - neutered male Bichon - 10 years old.  Rusty is a happy,  quirky little guy with a definite personality of his own.  He loves to be petted, get attention and lay in a lap. Rusty does fairly well with other small dogs. Rusty's hair and skin requires frequent baths and ear cleanings to keep him sparkling white, but he tolerates all grooming well. He gently accepts treats.

 Casey - neutered male Bichon mix (most likely Westie) - approximately 11 years old. Casey can be the sweetest guy on the Earth and then act like a problem child. As long as he is doing what he wants to do, when he wants to do it, he is delightful.  Casey LOVES men and trusts them faster and more fully that women. He especially likes to cuddle with HIS man in a recliner, draped across a warm lap. He wags his tail and acts very polite, sitting very nicely for treats. Occasionally, he can be the grumpy old man, but is mainly a happy and affectionate dog, once his trust is won.  If he is sleeping and is awoken suddenly or startled, he can growl and snip. Casey is supposedly epileptic, has not had any seizures while in his foster home , but he is presently not on medication He does NOT like children under the age of 12 and hates cats and SHOULD NOT  have to live with them. Casey is content to nap in his bed for long periods, he takes himself outside to potty and asks attention when he wants it. 

All in all, this pair would do best in a quiet home with a dog experienced older person or couple, without children or cats. Both dogs ride very well in a car and both walk nicely on a leash. They are quiet dogs. Rusty will tolerate being crated, Casey will not. Being left in a room together with their beds is fine with them, they just nap. Both have good in-house manners and no accidents while in  foster. They each had allergy problems in the past, so they should continue to be fed low allergy Duck and Potato kibble. Both are UTD on their vaccinations and are microchipped.

A great home was finally found, now residing in Arlington, WA

(Adopted Dec.2/06)
Tibetan Spaniel X
Female/spayed/shots current
4 years old
10 lbs

Dorrie's eyes don't look great, because she just had bilateral cherry eye surgery. The picture doesn't show, how inflamed they really are, but in about 2 weeks, they will be fine. 
If you want to meet a very special and loving girl, meet Dorrie, she hails from Idaho.  The reason she lost her home, was because the ex owners did not want to  or unable to do the surgery on her eyes.  I simply cannot imagine this, since to know Dorrie is to love her.  She is sweet, happy, beguiling, intelligent, darling and a treasure.  Sure she has the "wookie" teeth, but that just adds to her character..when she cuddles deeply into your shoulder, all you can think about is, what a treasure...and a treasure she is, so how about giving this girl a home for Christmas..she deserves this, and so much more...

Dorrie will have a wonderful Christmas, with a very nice couple, who think she is residing in Federal Way, WA

(Adopted Dec.2/06)
Corgi/Golden Retriever
Male/neutered/shots current
18 months old

Have you ever looked at those gorgeous Golden's..and thought I love them, but they are kind of big..well meet Happy, he looks like a Golden, has the loving, wonderful, outgoing disposition of one, but the size of a Corgi...he is absolutely a wonderful dollbaby.

A great home for a Great dog, residing in Seattle, WA

(Adopted Dec. 5/06)
Mr. Pinto Bean (nka Comet)
Male/neutered/shots current
11 months old
5 lbs

Bright, energetic 11 month old Chihuahua who is looking for a permanent, responsible loving home.... Yes, he has his quirks.. but who doesn't?

Good with other dogs, of all sizes and good with cats.  Loves to snuggle under the covers (like ALL Chi) and happily puts himself to bed at night. 

We suspect he came form a puppy mill situation because he does obsessive behaviors of "spinning" when nervous or stressed.  This can be reduced greatly with behavioral modification, although it does not bother him.  Imagine a lion in a zoo and those pacing behaviors... he was probably locked away in a crate for days on end...he had nothing to do but spin, so in a way it comforts him.

He needs a quiet home preferable with other dogs to build his confidence.  He is great little dog just waiting to find someone he can trust and love.

We were so happy to place this special boy, with a previous adopter, he will be cherished, residing in Maple Falls, WA

(Adopted Dec.18/06)
Border Terrier X
Male/neutered/shots current
App. 3-4 years old
17 lbs

They call me Clancy the Rover. No one knows where I came from originally; I just appeared in a yard in the country. They decided I could stay but they had kids and cats and I chased one and got snappy with the other so they took me to jail. They said it was a shelter but it looked like a jail to me and they didn’t let me run and explore like I like to do. I was there for a while and finally one day a lady came and put a leash on me and pushed me into a car full of dogs. They all sniffed me and then we went for a long ride. When the ride was over we were in a city and we all got out and went into a little house. In back of the little house was a great yard. I ran all over the yard smelling and exploring. The house was OK; there are lots of places to hide there. I love sleeping in soft beds at night and getting treats every time I come when I’m called. There is a great tree for me to climb- I heard somebody say something about 7 feet up. There are some bricks for me to stand on so I can see over the back fence to bark at the cats that live back there. I have learned that “quiet!” means stop barking or you have to come in the house.

The lady at the house says I am a quirky guy and a real love. She laughs when I get excited and talk to her. She doesn’t seem to understand what I am saying and says it is just wild growls and roars but she laughs and scratches and pets me so I guess that is OK. She hugs me and tells me I will have my own house someday and will have somebody who has more time to scratch just me and play tug with me. I like this place but I would love to have more scratches and more time on the lap and I think I would like to play ball. I hope there are no kids or cats in that place. I seem to get in trouble around them.  I would like a place where I can hide in the closet at first and they don’t grab at me to get me out. That scares me. The lady says we just need someone with some experience with dogs and some patience and they will find a really great dog. I hope they find me soon.

Clancy now has a wonderful new home...

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