In memory of Chibi

1995 - Nov. 30/2000

 Chibi (small in Japanese)

Oct.13/00 : I got a call from the humane society in Bellingham, WA , a ST needed assistance, I went  and took one look and of course knew he was coming home with me.

Oct.14..I saw very soon that his breathing was not normal, I made an appointment immediately with my vet for Monday.

Oct. 15...I left this sweet tiny boy at the vet for extensive testing, aftter x-rays etc.  it was discovered that he had a herniated diaphram.  A hernia left unattended had pushed his intestines into his lungs, making it difficult to breath.  Either I opt for surgery or he will die.

Oct.16...Surgery is performed, it is very possible Chibi will not survive the surgery.  Evening , he has survived, he is doing much better than expected, but very critical.

Oct. 17, 18 he is still holding his own. He has been vomiting blood, but is still responsive.

Oct. 19, he is walking, responsive, and vomiting has quit, if  there is no vomiting by morning, he will be put on water, if the water stays down, next step is food, and than the next step is HOME...pray for this boy please...he is still critical he needs our love!!!!!

Oct.20.. Vet called, he said he just about took his finger off to gobble food down:-), he is EATING, and wanting more.  Excellent news, now if the food stays down tonight, he will be coming home TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he is so much thinner, he is eating well, I can only give him a couple of tablespoons every couple of hours, to go easy on his tummy.  He is tired and quiet, understandable.  He will get his stitches out on Nov.1, and if everything looks good at that time, his thyroid will be checked again (as this was on the low side) and he needs some meds for his eyes, but the vet does not want to give any additional meds at this time, because they all play havoc on the liver, and he needs to recoup first, and than we proceed to fix his other issues...

Oct 22..yesterday was a good day for Chibi, he ate well etc. but today, he has been sick, much more lethargic, vomiting,  seems better by early evening, I feel so sorry for this tiny boy.. 

Oct.23-24...He has kept everything down, he is getting one tablespoon of food and water every three hours, had to cut the amount down more, to aid his hardly seems enough to keep him going.  He is still very quiet, mostly sleeps except to go potty...but has a spirit, he snarled at my dogs:-) when they came close as he is having his tiny meal...hope he continues and gets strong....

Oct.25-26..Chibi does not seem to be improving, I have added other supplements to aid in getting his strength back, he is very listless, he does continue to eat sometimes and does drink, I just do not know:-( I talked to my vet again, and he told me, that it may be a long time till I do see improvement, his surgery was so major, just take a day at a time...

Oct.30..Still not seeing improvement and got quite ill Sunday night.  Took him to the vet, and they did more x-rays in case he had herniated again.  He had not, was given different food to try, and this afternoon, he has been a different dog, he has been responsive, alert, almost playful...he started walking around the house, wagging his tail, greeted my husband when he came home, he almost did a is hoping we have reached a turning point!!!!

Nov2....He is still vomiting occasionally, but has continued to be alert and wanting to be near us.  He has now been put on thyroid meds, and meds for his eyes.  Sometimes he seems  improved and other times not doing so well.  Just taking one day at a time.

Nov.6...Baby Boy is doing really well, more and more alert, wanting to be involved, able to eat a bit more, I am starting to feel very confident this lil boy is on the road to recovery...

Nov.11...Chibi is still improving, very very slowly, I have put him on Wysong "duck au jus" a high nutrient for sick babies, and added PDG a nutrional enhancement.  He will be going back to the vet for a checkup next week and I hope to hear there has been some weight gain.

Nov.15...Chibi visited the vet again this am, he is better, but vet noticed his liver was swollen, he did a blood workup and his liver function is fine but discovered high white blood count, which means an infection.  He has been put back on antibiotics.  Also to give him yogurt to aid his tummy, and lactose for his hard stool, and recheck in 12 days, this poor baby, just when he seemed better, he did a bit of a backslide...

Nov.22...Chibi is going back for further testing, he is continuing to vomit, there is a possible obstruction or adhesions, so I have opted for more x-rays and whatever course the vet decides, keep this boy in your prayers, fortunately I do not believe he is in any pain, perhaps uncomfortable from time to time...

Nov.29..Several more x-rays and testing were done, he has an opening in his stomach that does not close.  He has been vomiting more and more, he became dehydrated and today he is in the hospital on IV.  One suggestion was putting a tube in and feeding him this way, which could be for live, this option I declined as this is no live.  Another option was a test for his immune system, and if tested positive he would be on meds for live. But it may not help. I will be talking to the vet in the am further updates as I know them There is a strong possibility that Chibi will not make it.  I am so heartsick!!!! Please think and pray for this baby

Dec.1..My sweet baby boy left this world to join Precious and all the other wonderful babies that deserved a better life.  He went to the bridge at 4 pm Nov. 30, he gave me and hubby his last kiss, we held and rocked him while he left us.  Chibi had an incredible charm that captured your heart, so many of us will never forget you, and I am sorry that someone did not care for you as they should have, so that you would not have endured all of this pain.  I want to say a special thanks to Dona and Denny who were to be his new parents if this fantastic boy had lived.  They gave constant support and love.  And so many other people that keep up with his updates, and gave me such incredible emotional support.  

Someday Chibi I will remember you with a smile, without the tears and heartache...but for now my grieve is overwhelming...

God saw you getting tired
When a cure was not to be
So He closed His arms around you
And whispered, "Come to Me."
You didn't deserve what you went through
and so He gave you rest,
God's garden must be beautiful
He only takes the best.
And when we saw you sleeping
So peaceful and free from pain,
We could not wish you back
To suffer that again.

-Author unknown

                Thomas M. Mohr
                 Copyright 1992

When all is failing and you don't know what to do
Just keep on doing something, something's bound to break through
Through the trauma of the moment and the unfailing loss
Though the moments seem despairing, like you're carrying your Cross.

If noone else cares to enter and give a helping hand,
Just grit your teeth tighter and firmly make your stand
Because people love to see a tragedy unfold
It's a shame to mention, and I know this comment's bold.

Like a never ending soap opera or perhaps the lions den
 Animals have suffered while others enjoyed the scene
Oh, they protest sometimes in earnest, but this is all for naught
As they spread the grizzly horrors in the rumors that are sought.

There are some who cause the misery, the trauma that you feel
There are others just as guilty as they turn the other way
Because if you can't prove you're able to alone overcome this Crap
People feel that you're a failure and there is no welcome back.

Therefore, you alone must bear the brunt, regardless who's to blame
To overlook the anguish and search through all the shame
The shame of society that can destroy innocent pets
And find a reason for living beyond their hellious jokes.

These people have no guilt and that you know is true
Someday they'll receive theirs when all this is through
So live like you're a living wonder and overcome the pain
And be that blessed person who lives without the shame.

Thomas Mohr, the author for this poem and the poem on Precious page, follows my stories and when in time of despair, sends me his wonderful poetry to help me through, I thank him so much..

God Bless you Tom, your poems have been an inspiration to me!






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